Sud Express Outlet

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Elegance, comfort and femininity, at Sud Express, the values ​​of quality and refinement are in the spotlight.

Fine, delicate materials and adjusted cuts. The brand is committed to creating chic pieces with flawless fallen.

Sud Express woman :

The sud express woman creates her own style as the seasons go by according to his moods. Like the flagship colors of the brand, black and white, she is ambivalent and multi-faceted.

Using their inspiration in art contemporary the shops are illuminated thus allow to showcase the collections, their cuts and their materials.

Practical information


Sud Express Outlet offers One Nation Paris its collections marked down all year-round with reductions of between -30% to -70% off regular retail prices depending on the time of year (see conditions in store).

Find Sud Express Outlet on the ground floor
Contact the store at : +33 (0)1 61 38 98 37

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