Gerard Darel

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For over 40 years Darel has exemplified French elegance with its simple, chic and ultra-feminine style. Inspired by iconic figures such as Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, Gerard Darel has been able to establish a new vision of the ready-to-wear and join the small circle of brands in the international scene.

Behind the style of Gerard Darel, there lies a genuine tradition of excellence.  The selection of fabrics and pelts, work on draping and flowing cuts, the quality of care given in the finishing touches, Gerard Darel pieces are designed for each moment of a woman’s life and embody a current and active lifestyle.

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Practical information

  Gerard Darel

Gerard Darel Outlet offers One Nation Paris its collections marked down all year-round with reductions of between -30% to -70% off regular retail prices depending on the time of year (see conditions in store).

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