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Two trends for the best outlet in Paris

What will tomorrow’s commercial center look like ?

  Two trends for the best outlet in Paris

To define best outlet in Paris, it is first a matter of defining tomorrow’s commercial center in its whole. Two major developments are emerging. The one of the “viscous trade” that sticks to customers, almost lazy customers, who buy where they are. It is found in railway stations, transport hubs or business districts. And that of destination trade that requires going out of his comfort zone. But the price to pay to detach people from their areas of viscosity will be stronger and stronger! It will be necessary to design places of “reinforced destination” by mutualizing the reasons to move, with experiences substantially modifying the emotional state of the visitors. For investment levels in the image of the Europa City ‘project.

Exit the commercial barnums, the centers today are in the overflow, too commercial indeed! The center of tomorrow will only be commercial and will admit … emptiness, poetry, sensitivity, culture and nature. We will walk there as we walk in the city or in the forest, without any specific objective other than to be well, the free spirit, the senses awake to discover and be surprised. In the best outlet in Paris, are there not colors, smells, characters, screams and so strong emotions in the markets? The customer who wants to ” stupidly ” buy will go on the internet, successful shop will be the one who ” feel ” the least trade, creating a relationship, sharing a passion, arousing an emotion and not just an experience. With its container and its contents, the shopping center – which will no longer deserve its name – will be at the same time in a hotel design and naturally a design of emotion. All this to create ” places of links ”. Best outlet in Paris will bring that link.

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Village markets heritage

According to the anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss, places of commerce have always fulfilled three functions. These are places of exchange of goods and services. But also encounter, today undermined by the disappearance of real public spaces dedicated. They are mainly places of exchange of words heirs of the market, Provencal or provincial. From supply centers 50 years ago, centers become more than ever places of socialization. In One Nation Paris, you could even pair culture and shopping. While visiting Versailles Palace in the morning, and the outlet mall in the afternoon.

Village and market square

The center of tomorrow will be more of a ” village square ” than a trivially commercial place. To satisfy the need of conviviality that paradoxically do disappear the so-called social networks. But I also see it as a ”market place”, a place of proximity where local products are valued. And this place could also be declined according to several vocations and offer complementary services of health, culture or leisure: exhibitions in the gallery, a medical house among the average surfaces, and a carpark which turns into basketball court or roller park on weekends. Events for kids, special happenings, all kind of new habits that will enhance customers’ experience.

A peaceful place

It is a good center in its city and its environment. Pleasant in all seasons, shops heated in winter, open in the summer. Autonomous in terms of energy, he has solved his consumption problems. With its open roof, it is energy efficient (no heating for common areas during winter, no air conditioning needed in the summer.) And above all it is an ecosystem, a village square, where traders and customers live and share. And where the businesses manage to agree peacefully, to offer the best to the visitor, customer or citizen. The mall of tomorrow is a peaceful place. The best outlet in Paris is thought as the most friendly village.

The 5 M rule

Some see in the power, the key to the success of shopping centers. For us, it is rather their singularity. It boils down to 5 M! Meta brand, because the proper name of a territory, announces a lifestyle. My Place, the need to create a sense of belonging by consulting the client before the design. Mobility, thanks to digital and new technologies put to the benefit of an ” increased ” path. Mixed, to unpart the trade of the other uses of the city. Mutability, finally, to imagine evolutionary, agile, ephemeral formats, in antithesis of frozen models of the past.

Tempo no longer imposed

Designers put people under the bell in centers where everything was written in advance. Now, consumers have regained power. Flea market or Le Bon Coin are the new furniture stores. The fantasy brands and the shopping are no longer sufficient incentives to bring people in. The shopping center of tomorrow will no longer impose these messages! Just as concerts survive on-line music, and cinema at Netflix, new technologies are only. The new centers have the square meters to become these gathering places, but they will no longer have to impose their tempo.

Useless and upsetting

The shopping center of 2030 has little to do with the one that made the joy of our parents.This is a place both useless and upsetting architecture and design.The sound, the light, the materials, the smells Everything is worked out in detail Every day there is a concert, an exhibition … The stores are more than flagships: places of demonstration and exchange. The reference to the turnover realized on the spot has disappeared in favor of accurate counting of the number of eyes and time spent by consumers to interact with the brand or the product. In our outlet center, you will interact with about 400 top brands. At best prices.


The smart shopping center

It is a smart shopping center using nominative and non-nominative data to anticipate expectations, strengthen customer relations and become a point of convergence for all expressions of online and offline commerce. This shopping center ‘3rd generation’ ‘is a supplier of BtoBtoC marketing solutions that complement the national marketing actions of the banners.

The virtue of brand and outlet centers

We do not say it enough, brands centers satisfy a form of social and societal commitment! They practice the circular economy by giving a second life to products that would otherwise be thrown away. They make premium brands accessible to customers who can not afford to buy them at full price, they could become more collaborative by integrating workshops customizing articles, expanding to ranges second hand, by welcoming urban farms and more sustainable by approaching cities to save land and transport. Shuttle is thus both an option of sustainability and new social link for customers going to the same place.

With those kinds of perspectives, and objectives reached so far, would you say One Nation is the best outlet in Paris ? Today and/or tomorrow ?…


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