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  The 6 types of women morphologies

Considering women, there are 6 “standard morphologies” that match with the proportions of its silhouette. “A” morphology is the most common (hips wider than the shoulders). Morphologies 8 and X are generally considered the most balanced. And you? What is your common body shape? Among different outlet shopping centres Paris, find all clothes, all brands at best prices, all year round. Including those that match with your own morphology.

The most widespread, the pyramid, morphology A

It is the most popular female silhouette with hips wider than shoulders. How to dress? Draw the attention upward to distract it from the bottom. Shoulders are narrower than hips. Curves are located on the hips and thighs. Size is usually fine and hips are wide.

Proper outfits (outlet shopping centres Paris)

All that will help to rebalance the silhouette by diverting attention to the upper body, which will appear more present by optical effects. High prints: we tear off stretching tops that slam; printed and / or bright colors. Structured shoulders: the shoulders are structured with a square jacket that will balance them to the width of the hips. Hips faded: at the bottom, we hide the hips under dresses or skirts trapeze, puff, skaters. Matter, though close to the body, remains hyper fluid. On this – delicate – part of the body, the stretch is to banish. Flared calf: essential, the bootcut (or elephant foot trousers, legs slightly less flared) which, by game of contrasts, refines the hips by densifying the lower leg. Magical!

Brands we would advice : Caroll, 7 for all mankind

One Nation Paris Outlet fashion
One Nation Paris Outlet fashion

The hourglass: morphology X

It’s a little “feminine ideal”, with its marked size and slender figure. Main characteristics : Shoulders the same width as the hips (or slightly lower), small chest, fine and marked waist.

How to dress? No limit, everything is allowed. The thinnest ones will densify certain body parts with flashy prints.

Proper outfits

All. The woman “X” can afford everything. Mini-skirts, extravagant prints, pencil skirts, etc.

Flashy fabrics: morphology X have every interest in daring originality to attract attention to their enviable proportions, even if they may lack rebound in some places … The parade? The details and fabrics flashy where there is lacks of material to densify all that. And suggestive: the woman X usually has a small chest, so she avoids the collars or turtlenecks to favor the suggestive necklines, but not plunging!

Loose down: thin, even skinny, wear too skinny clothes. Top: the jeans mom pile in the trend, chino, straight cuts.

Brands we would advice : Claudie Pierlot, Diesel

The 8

It is the luscious counterpart of woman X. Its curves are localized on the thighs, buttocks and hips. Main characteristics : Hips, thighs and voluptuous breasts, drawn curves. Width of the shoulders equaling that of the hips. And Particularly marked waist

How to dress? Find in outlet shopping centres Paris slim waist, bent clothes. Highly desirable forms are sublimated. All that exacerbates its enviable forms. We mold, we hanger, we do not have cold eyes.

Molded: like the X woman, the woman 8, more voluptuous, allows all the looks, especially what hanger and mold. Objective sublimation of curves.

Belted: the woman “8” particularly likes to mark its fine size, which accentuates its forms even more. Belts so all the sauces (around the waist, not on the hips!); on a dress, a woolen sweater, etc. Station, on the other hand, with straight cuts and loose clothes that weigh down the silhouette.

Brands we would advice : Courrèges, Sandro

One Nation Paris Outlet fashion
One Nation Paris Outlet fashion

The inverted pyramid: V type

Sporty too, the woman V has square shoulders wider than her hips. Main characteristics : Square shoulders, wider than hips (or shoulders, hips and almost aligned sizes), absence of waist marking.

How to dress?

Unlike the woman pyramid, we divert attention from the upper body down.

Good outfits

We feminize the silhouette, we draw the eye on the legs and redraw an arched waist.

Girly: a big yes to all that feminizes, because the challenge here is to blur the masculine side of the square shoulders. We use and abuse girly accessories. Flashy down: divert attention from the top of the bust to the bottom of the body. Pants are flashy, the colors blunt. Feel free to allow yourself some frills, such as large pockets that, again, will attract the eye where you need to …

Slim fit: yes to the bent clothes that have the ability to redraw an absent size. Long live fluid materials and trapezoid shapes.

Shoulders faded: avoid anything that accentuates the shoulders. Exit shouldered jackets, epaulettes and other details that draw attention to this part of the body. Why not trying to find all outfits you need in outlet shopping centres Paris ?

Brands we would advice : Columbia, Liu Jo

The rectangle: morphology H

Woman H has a sporty silhouette and a small size, with hips and shoulders on an identical line. Hips, waist and shoulders of almost identical width. Slim, slim and slender silhouette.

How to dress?

Games of illusion that, juggling between colors and materials, will draw a larger size. You will find many ideas in many outlet shopping centres Paris.

Proper outfits

Those who, by games of colors or materials, will create the illusion of a larger size.

Low waist: bottom: skirts and low waist pants. High waists are to be avoided, they betray discrete hips. OK also the dresses and soft suits, whose hanger cut at the lower than the size.

Loose belt: the belt, loose, is worn very low on the hips, on a knitted sweater or a dress. To avoid: the belt tight on the waist. Contrary to what one might think, it will accentuate its lack of relief.

Brands we would advice : agnes b., maje

One Nation Paris Outlet fashion
One Nation Paris Outlet fashion

The round: morphology O

The morphology of round women is characterized by generous forms. Main characteristics : Curvy women, curves localized – in particular – on the belly. Generous chest and round shoulders.

How to dress?

Do not hide under misshapen clothes that accentuate curves. On the contrary, inviting pencil skirts and cleavage are her tops looks.

Proper Outfits

Those capable of blurring volumes and enhancing the pretty curves. Round does not mean masculine! Strong women tend to hide under loose clothes, sometimes too big. Serious mistake! Nothing is more beautiful than magnified curves avoiding some missteps. We explain to you how …

Solid shades: with a morphology O, one avoids wrinkled fabrics, shiny, with extravagant motives, which weigh down the pace, to privilege the solid, matte rather dark colors. We have not found anything better than black to smooth volumes. The color is distilled subtly in the accessories.


Necklace and décolleté: one draws the attention towards the top of the body and the generous breast valorized by a pretty décolleté (not too plunging when the chest is strong). Imparable, the big necklace that captures the eyes.

Fluid materials: fluid tissues are its main allies. Especially on the “little can” that one never contracts in a stretch material!

Straight cuts: downstairs, minis station and other flared cuts. O woman loves straight cuts; skirts, dresses, pants.

Heels and opaque tights: the tights are opaque, they refine the leg, perched on heels to refine the curve. All items available in a smart session in many outlet shopping centres Paris.

Brands we would advice : Zadig & Voltaire, American Vintage

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