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Shopping in Paris for Easter

  Traditional presents and Springs trends

Who says Easter does not necessarily say chocolates galore! Children can also be enjoyed by giving them other small gifts that will last. Quickly discover all our ideas of shopping in Paris for Easter!

Easter is one of the big dates in the calendar of children (and gourmet adults). A chocolate feast to eat without limit – almost! The Lindt Shop will convince you with numerous offers, boxes and quality chocolates in quantity. Rabbits, eggs, appreciate the French master craftsman in your shopping moment in Paris.

But if this year you leave the chocolates to Oncle Bob, godmother or godfather and looking for an original gift, which will last in time?

Hard to find Easter gifts? Not quite! There are lots of ideas! Have you thought about books, stuffed animals (often rabbits, chickens and chicks) or t-shirts (preferably to color)? They will then be able to invite themselves in the Easter egg hunt (which will then become the hunt for Easter presents). Mamy and Papy will be happy to organize this! A great way to bring back the happiness and fun of family activities. Easter is the spring festival of renewal. With a little luck, it will be nice outside! Organize a fabulous Easter weekend by picking up some ideas from One Nation Paris Outlet. An idea, a seasonal garment at Cyrillus? A mid-season jacket at reduced price at North Face or Rossignol? Sneakers at New Balance or Vans?

And if Spring was an opportunity to change our interior a bit by betting on an Easter decoration? The opportunity to think of a decoration around flowers, pastel shades and poetry. Beware of the clichés related to this holiday, we bet on a current Easter decoration. For an Easter decoration in tune with the season greetings, discover our favorites at Madura or Yves Delorme.

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2019 Spring trends

2019 is finally here and if some trends 2018 will very quickly be placed at the bottom of the closet. Others have not said their last word and intend to accompany us a little this year. A year that, like the others, promises to be rich in audacity, in style and promises to give (still) glory to the retro with pretty beaded bags, cardigans and sandals with square toe. Finally, to continue the momentum of 2018 and its unifying fads, we will not leave our false-fur and our pair of cowboy boots either. What is the good news for shopping in Paris? 2019 also offers us some surprises such as the unexpected return of the monogram (that we want everywhere) and jewelry pumps. Focus on our 12 key trends that will follow us this year. Thus shopping in Paris has never been that easy.


We are never tired with it . The corduroy will be more than ever in the circuit in 2019. Worn in blazer, skirt, pants or in combination, the corduroy fits first.

The beaded bag

Do not sell your pretty beaded bag this summer on Vinted, it is still very trendy in 2019. And we do not hesitate to wear it in winter!

The mini bag

Plus it’s small plus it’s cute says the saying. It will work again in 2019 but it may be that his opponent the XXL bag is also in the game. Case study to follow.

The natural bag

In straw, raffia, shell, these bags will accompany you throughout the summer to dress your best looks!

The shoes: shoes jewels and mules

We have seen them everywhere since a few weeks. The jewelry shoes are on all stylish feet. Worn without tights, with vintage raw denim or carrot pants, they are the sophistication of this year.

After sneakers and slippers, welcome the mules! Endowed with an incredible comfort and a true aestheticism, your feet will not be able to separate any more. These shoes that had already been talked about during the spring-summer 2015 trends, make their comeback on the scene in 2019. So in neutral or bright colors, with heels or just plain, we have already found on the red carpet at the feet of many celebrities.

Wild, false fur

Leopard, zebra, or reptilian, the animal print makes its comeback in our wardrobes. Celebrities or bloggers, they have already adopted all! For this new season, any true fashionista will have his accessory or animal print garment! Will you be there?

With the new (and necessary) ethical concerns, fur is largely dethroned by faux-fur. Colorful, short, long, printed … The variations are numerous and will be still in the game this year.

The cardigan

This is the new stitching cardboard in 2019. Long considered old, it is worn this year on the skin with high waist jeans belted and a pair of heels.

FLUO color

Impossible to miss out, this new trend shines everywhere on Instagram. These keys of colors will bring to your wardrobe but also to your morale of the peps! It is mainly found on tops or accessories. Wander and stop by any shop windows while shopping in Paris.

Ideas for presents, trends for outfits

The blazer

In a very often minimalist style, the blazer ensures elegance in all circumstances! With its many variations, the blazer becomes feminized and becomes THE indispensable piece of the season. On jeans, a skirt or directly in fitted dress, the blazer combines perfectly with our essentials for a seamless look.

Portofolio Dress

Real timeless and iconic piece of the 30s, the wrap dress is ideal for all occasions. Put on very fluid materials for spring and it is accompanied by beautiful jewelry and fine shoes. Dare prints and bright colors… these details will bring joy and cheerfulness to your wardrobe.

Oval (sun) glasses

Real must-have spring 2019, these glasses with old-school style and fine lines assert themselves on all the nose. Rather sober or colorful, this accessory is urgently needed for a retro look hyper trend! A little tour at Sun Factory to try some models on.

Tailor Suit

Act a little working-girl, bet all on tailor outfit! In pants or skirt, classic or patterned, sober or tart … there is outfit for everyone! Although often considered too strict or “too much”, the tailor suit ranks at the top of the spring-summer 2019 trends.



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