Tips to dress like a fashion and iconic parisian

Advices that will make you look like a real Parisian : A bit of culture & Style

One Nation Paris Outlet fashion

Tips to dress like a Parisian


Paris City of lights, Paris City of love but especially Paris capital of style. Fashion Outlet Paris is then appropriate for us, for you, fashion addict, to have a wardrobe always on the lookout for the latest trends.

The search for THE piece that will capsize our heart (and not always our wallet) is an activity that can take days, weeks or almost months. Find in those lines a glimpse of latest trends in the “French attitude”, singular, elegant and oh-so-inimitable! Speaking about fashion outlet Paris, “Paris is always a good idea,” said Audrey Hepburn elegantly.

One Nation Paris Outlet fashion

Above all, Parisians do not spend hours in front of their wardrobe to know what they will put the next day. What is their secret? Stay simple in all circumstances. Be sure that your wardrobe contains at least one eccentric, fun or original piece just like the suit, much more casual than a dress. For days when you want to be comfortable while keeping a “urban chic” style, opt for a combination with light materials and colorful patterns. Ideas and mix and match tips at Maje, fancy French style.

And if you’re still wondering what are the key pieces that set trends or who are the most influential creators of the season, this outlet mall is for you. This is the moment to add novelties and cachet to your wardrobe. At One Nation Paris Outlet, we have gathered the best brands and advice, sartorial tricks that could make you the Parisian so much observed, woman who dresses without effort and who cultivates an overwhelming class. Perfect exemples at Claudie Pierlot, emblematic of Parisian elegance.

First specific tip: stripes. There is nothing more Parisian than stripes. Originally from French Bretagne, in dress or top, the marinière is indeed one of the most iconic pieces in the Parisian wardrobe. Immortalized by a famous French designer, it passed through times without any wrinkle. To avoid clichés, from sailors to Popeye, we advise you to wear it in a fashionable cut: oversized and loose. Give it a try at Karl, Marc & John.

Second specific tip : nothing is better than your boyfriend’s cool sweatshirt! All Parisians know how to wear men’s wardrobe, especially when it contains basic. Dress up effortlessly, because your boyfriend’s basic sweatshirt will fit perfectly with shorts or high-waisted pants. The “must have” to all the wardrobes. Dig in at the Kooples, where, as it is namely mentioned, you could find men’s outfit, as well as women must have. The place to be to experiment Fashion outlet Paris.

Chose an uniform and stick to it 

Every Parisian celebrity and style star, whether it’s Audrey Tautou or Charlotte Gainsbourg, have an outfit formula that they wear over and over again. This might be the secret to their unfailing style; they know exactly what works, what they like, and what they feel comfortable in, and they keep it casual above flashy trends. There, Zadig et Voltaire is one of the most iconic Parisian brand to get your outfit uniform. Fashion outlet Paris is the answer with famous brands gathered.


One Nation Paris Outlet fashion
One Nation Paris Outlet fashion

As you probably know that every Parisian needs a perfectly cut black skinny. Elegant and casual, flattering and comfortable, this piece will fit perfectly with any outfit. Pair it with a loose wool sweater, with a patterned t-shirt or with a white men’s shirt for a classic chic style. For those advices, visit Sandro Paris and let the guide take you to an optimized outfit.

Third specific tip :Sneakers. They are essential to mop in the capital. Paris’ streets are boundless inspiration, an invitation to “see and be seen”. Whether to climb the beautiful streets of Montmartre, or shopping in the South of Pigalle, or simply walk along the banks of the Seine, each woman needs a pair of white sneakers. Chic and comfortable, they will be able to give to all your outfits, whatever the circumstances. Even more on an outdoor or sporty style at New Balance, the clue for a Parisian walkaway.

Finally, a typically Parisian outfit is often a minimalist, natural and effortless outfit: “less is more”. Coco Chanel used indeed to say “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” That’s why every accessory, timeless, is important. Hats, handbags and sunglasses are essential! They will provide you with the small detail that will make your daily outfits look trendy and fun.

Then, get the final answer to experiment the perfect Parisian wardrobe. Dress with style and class with fashion Outlet Paris at One Nation.


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