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Top 10 fashion designers brands at One Nation Paris


From the Italian luxury and contemporary elegance of Armani to the most emblematic Parisian elegance of Claudie Pierlot, we have selected the top 10 designer shops in Paris, that you can find at One Nation Paris Outlet. You will discover a world centered on the quality of materials and the trendiest pieces reflecting the designer’s personality.

Among our selection, you will surely find some to your taste, either if it’s a chic and timeless piece for a special occasion or an everyday Outfit bringing a splash of colors to your wardrobe.

1. Armani

Armani Outlet is synonymous of luxury and contemporary elegance, modernity and refinement.

Whether you are looking for something light or classic Armani Outlet provides to One Nation Paris, quality, sophistication and style-timeless values with global appeal. We have a great selection of items at unrivalled prices, stocks are limited but, in order to please you, our offer is regularly updated.

2. Etro

The name Etro has become synonymous with style. The Italian fashion house is lifestyle, quality, innovation and aesthetic refinement. Explore the world of Etro at One Nation Paris Shopping center and check out Etro’s collections with at least 30% discount.

3. Designer shops in Paris : Maje

Delicate blouses, folk-rock shirts, cashmere jumpers and ethnic-inspired accessories. At Maje Outlet you will find both romantic and bohemian collections. Judith Milgrom, Maje’s fashion designer, create clothes for active women offering on-trend designs and accessible luxury by focusing on trendy pieces for a feminine silhouette.

4. Pourchet

Great French leather goods house established in 1903. Nowadays, Pourchet redefines its manufacturing codes and its emblematic identity codes. Pourchet’s founder, Marie-Laurence Stévigny, creates items that portraits the knowledge of leathers, the taste of beautiful materials and ability to innovate.


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5. Sandro

Designer shops in Paris : Sandro’s DNA is intimately related to Paris. The brand inspires its collections from the cool and chic Parisian spirit and the French effortless elegance, with a unique twist. The studios and ateliers conceive their collections at the fashion house located in the heart of Paris.

Come and visit Sandro Universe at Sandro Outlet in One Nation Paris: a world full of graphic features and a sophisticated space with the pure simplicity of clear lines.

6. Tory Burch

Tory Burch focuses on colors, prints and elegant details. Find Tory Burch’ handbags and shoes collections with at least 30% discount. The pieces are inspired by the silhouettes of summer and punctuated by a remarkable sense of contrasts that embellishes women’s bodies.

7. Marc Jacobs

Designer shops in Paris : Marc Jacobs’ style is funk, trash, and chic at a time. The designer explores in his collections various themes such as the retro and the seventies, with the desire to highlight a relaxed youth, but chic. Check out Marc Jacobs’s handbags latest arrivals at Galeries Lafayette’s Outlet with at least 30% discount..

8. Claudie Pierlot

Claudie Pierlot Outlet offers a mix of timeless pieces from the Parisian wardrobe, emblematic of Parisian elegance. Trends are reinterpreted from season to season, through characteristics specific to the identity of the Claudie Pierlot fashion house: Eternal pieces both refined and minimalist.

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9. Kenzo

A mixture of cultures and an elegant alliance of colors: Kenzo has become a poetic and exotic brand with a style that goes through an explosion of shapes and radical cuts. The brand combines also fluid and light materials. Check out Kenzo’s handbags latest arrivals at One Nation Paris Outlet with at least 30% discount.

10. Zadig et Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire is a hit in the high-end ready-to-wear sector. The signature of the brand is represented with noble materials such as cashmere, silk and leather. The brand wants to reinvent the basics in a casual and Rock’n roll way. Zadis & Voltaire is the embodiment of the new luxury. Come and discover Zadig et Voltaire Outlet collections marked down all year round from -30%to -70% at One Nation Paris Shopping center.


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