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Mix and match inspiration


Inspired by decoration, transformed by fashion 

Initially inspired by home decoration and furniture, Mix and match concept easily gained Fashion and outfit universe. In our outlet shopping center, thanks to its endless possibilities, it gives choice and inspiration to any fashion addict. Present in both fashion and decoration, this trend is highly appreciated by daring and creative people. The Mix and Match is the art of mixing with beauty. It’s the art of creating one’s own style, one’s own personality.

The goal is to create a skillful combination of materials, patterns and colors. A mix and match well done is a setting that is not afraid to dare to assemble disparate pieces.

Primary colors to color your world

For primary inspiration, begin with primary colors: red, yellow and blue. In case you don’t remember from elementary-school art class, these three shades help create every other color. These tones look great color-blocked (meaning wearing one color as your top, and one as your bottom), or worn all together. Remember the color wheel? Basically, it’s the entire rainbow in a circle. Shades that are next to each other here are called analogous colors. Shades that are opposite each other are called contrasting colors.

Heard about the button-down? This piece practically gets buried in the avalanche of layers, but that’s what makes both looks work. Don’t make the blouse the center of attention. Pick different pieces at Claudie Pierlot, in the outlet shopping center, and try to layer it under or over another knitted shirt. Once you have the top portion of your outfit figured out, alternate between pants and skirt, color and monochrome to complete the ensemble.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, generally speaking, colors that are next to each other on the wheel look great when styled together. Great combos include green and blue, and pink and red. Let’s revisit the opposites on the color wheel. Just because they are on different sides doesn’t mean they don’t go together in an ensemble. Maje will get you to various combinations: whether if you choose pastel shades or bright colors. If you want to take your mixing up a notch, try a style similar to the one the model is wearing in the photo below. Neutral tone with a bright accessory would drive to a smart mix and match pattern.


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Mix different kind of outfits in our outlet shopping center

This season, instead of instinctively reverting to the classic sweater-and-jeans combo, do swap the denim out for mid-skirt or plaid trousers. So as not to appear preppy, make sure the sweater doesn’t overwhelm your frame. In our outlet shopping center, The Kooples can help you out while trying to mix different part of your future wardrobe.

Mix all kind of colors

Most people think of beige, brown, navy, black, gray, and olive green as neutrals, but plenty of other colors fall into this category, including metallics. Wearing gold or silver instead of traditional neutrals makes for an outfit that’s way more fun. Once you’ve put on a shiny dress or top, match it with an equally bold pop of color.

If the concept of mixing completely different colors could be risky, start with one color, and really own it. Wear that hue in every piece of your outfit. Find it in the outlet shopping center at Agnes b. The easiest way to get started is by wearing coordinating separates or a bold suit. Blush and rust are nearly alike, so this outfit counts as monochrome. Once you’re ready to experiment some more, start mixing in variations on tone.

Neutral colors such as cream and beige are usually the base for something bolder, but when you pair them together it creates an extra sophisticated effect. Start with a bright blouse and build from there. A plaid skirt is the perfect replacement for jeans and, when paired with a silky button-down shirt, you’ll look like a perfect fashion addict. Even lost in an outlet shopping center. Liu Jo could be the light at the end of the tunnel…

One Nation Paris Outlet fashion
One Nation Paris Outlet fashion

Re use outfits found in your wardrobe 

Much as shopping is our lifeblood, fashion girls know you don’t need to renew your all cupboard to appear more stylish. The trick to refreshing your outfits is to make what you already own seem new again. For example, that black sweater you wear every winter? Try about layering it over a blouse or wearing the sweater under a pair of denim overalls. Small changes can elevate existing outfits, in order to reveal your wardrobe with cheap additional pieces. In our outlet shopping center, head to Zadig & Voltaire and let yourself float away.

Even the most fashionable among us struggle with mixing-and-matching the pieces already in the closet. To get out of a style rut, we’ll need inspiration, that you’ll easily find in the outlet shopping center. Try to figure out how the top portion of an outfit can be worn two different ways, simply with a variation in accessories and a switch from skirt to pants. Push Sandro’s entrance door and start inspiring your style.

At One Nation Paris, outlet shopping center, you will thus find all kind of inspiration, either to get along with outfits already hung in your closet or with brand new pieces found in our inspiring mall.


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