The most sustainable outlet center :
One Nation Paris

Both preserving our environment and fighting against global warming are fundamental issues of our time. One Nation Paris Outlet has contributed more to this field than any other luxury shopping center in the world. It is the one and only sustainable outlet center.


The respect land use and untapped earth

  One Nation Paris Outlet

The center was constructed in the middle of an urban area, a wasteland of offices, whereas the majority of centers are built in the countryside.

In addition, built with multiple levels above ground and with underground parking, the footprint of One Nation Paris Outlet is six times less than that of other shopping centers.

Overall, that is more than 12 hectares of untouched land that were preserved.

CO2 emissions reduced by 80 %

  One Nation Paris Outlet

The cooling and heating of the mall and common areas (80.000 M3 on average) are the main sources of CO2 emissions in shopping centers.

One Nation Paris, with its open-sky architecture and its mall at room temperature, does not emit a single gram.

Beyond just being environmentally friendly and pleasant in almost any season, this open architecture, while avoiding the need to heat and cool the mall and the common areas, allows the brands that are present there to save money in significant charges (more than 2.500.000 euros per year) while still offering to clients at the center, the lowest prices possible.  A unified savings of sorts.

Open-sky architecture is THE solution, we preserve the environment and the purchasing power at the same time.

Rainwater collection and so much more

  One Nation Paris Outlet

A skylight that covers the full length of the center’s windows, not only comforts the clients but is also a nice way to collect the rainwater. It is this water that is used to water the green spaces (inside and outside), in the cleaning of the center and even in the restrooms.

On top of that, add LED lights, the use of raw materials  (concrete, glass, iron) that avoids a transformation that emits a lot of CO2 and so much more.

We wanted to make One Nation Paris Outlet a reference in terms of respect for the environment and we will be happy if it is a source of inspiration for all the world’s shopping centers.

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