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Before enjoying an exclusive shopping session in One Nation Paris Outlet, schedule an historical and cultural agenda in Versailles. Former royal city under Louis XIV, Versailles draws most of its fame from its castle: one of the most popular tourist sites in France, world famous, the Palace of Versailles is an architectural marvel. In addition to the visit of the Palace of Versailles, which is said to the passage regularly hosts temporary exhibitions (if there was an additional reason to go there), we devote a good time to discover its vast park: symmetrical walkways, hedges immaculately carved, fountains, statues and large basins, the park of the Palace of Versailles represents wonderfully the “French garden”. It is therefore very easy to devote an entire day to Versailles, between the castle and its park. The round trip from Paris is very easy for a day trip, via the RER or the commuter trains: the journey takes less than an hour. Even a dedicated shuttle will take you from Versailles Palace to Paris Outlet.

A stay inside Versailles, rather than rush from Paris ?

Some, sensitive to the charms of Versailles, pretty suburban chic, decide to settle there the time of their stay. If you like beautiful, comfortable hotels, luxurious settings or charming guest houses, high-end addresses are not what are lacking in Versailles, right in the city center and close to the castle … so lingering more time in Versailles, we will have the opportunity to discover attractions other than the eternal castle: a quiet and opulent city with good restaurants, a pleasant downtown, the district of the Antiquaries, or the friendly Notre-Dame Market … Just a stone’s throw from Paris, discover the castle and its gardens, listed as World Heritage by Unesco. With a free shuttle that takes you and brings you back to the Palace of Versailles, you must also schedule a shopping session in the largest outlet mall, to bring home a little of the spirit of Versailles.

As for music and electronics, centuries after Lully, let us remember that Versailles saw the birth of the greatest talents of the French Touch. The Daft Punk, Phoenix, Air were born in Versailles, in schools and high places of conviviality.

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1. Discover Versailles Palace


First, with its breathtaking views over lush lawns and gardens, your trip to Versailles will give you an extraordinary gateway to the Palace of Versailles. Enjoy one day or two that will take you to the imposing Château de Louis XIV.

  • Famous Roi Soleil Palace
  • In the heart of the royal domain, these fountains and basins
  • King’s Apartments
  • Ice Gallery
  • Hamlet of the Queen (Marie Antoinette, recently rehabilitated) 

2. Churches & Chapels


Do not miss the churches of Versailles: the Notre-Dame church, the Royal chapel and the Saint Louis cathedral, its market and the stables of the queen … Versailles was a city of saints, piety, Christianity. It has remained in history, and its churches and attendance attest.

3. Academy of Equestrian Art


Created in 2003 by Bartabas, anxious for artistic transmission, the Académie du spectacle équestre is a ballet corps unique in the world. The original teaching combines Haute Ecole’s dressage work with various disciplines such as fencing, dancing, singing or Kyudo (Japanese archery).

4. Le Jeu Paume

  History, the One Nation Paris Outlet

Come discover the beginnings of the French Revolution! You will follow your guide in the hall of the Jeu de Paume (former tennis or squash), now converted into a museum dedicated to the events of 1789!

It was in this very room where the Jeu de Paume was originally played, that the deputies of the Third State met on June 20, 1789. They then took the oath not to separate before having given a Constitution to France . This oath has since been known to all as the founding act of French democracy: “We swear never to separate and to assemble wherever circumstances require until the Constitution of the Kingdom is established and strengthened. on solid foundations “.

Set up to commemorate the centenary of this event, the Museum of the Salle du Jeu de Paume retraces the preludes of the French Revolution. Your guide will reveal all the details of this historic year and will give you anecdotes sometimes unknown to the general public.

5. Picnic in the Park


Enjoy a delicious picnic in the gardens of the Château de Versailles, on the banks of the Grand Canal. Take a seat in the shade of a tree or simply enjoy one of the many picnic tables available in the park. For July 14, national day, thousands of visitors gather dressed in white for a giant picnic on the occasion of the taking of the Bastille.

  • A magnificent setting in the heart of the royal estate on the banks of the Grand Canal
  • Picnic tables available and supermarkets close by

Especially during spring or summer, a perfect step in your trip to France. After or before a visit in our Paris outlet.

6. Golf

  One Nation Paris Outlet is close to best golf courses

With their beautiful fairways, well-kept woods and sometimes their historic castles, the French golf courses offer a stimulating setting for the senses and give you the opportunity to perfect your game.

Versailles is located about ten minutes from the Golf National, the field on which the 2018 Ryder Cup was played. Saint-Germain en Laye, Joyenval, Fourqueux, Feucherolles, Saint-Nom la Bretèche, prestigious private or commercial clubs, complete the wonderful golf offer in the area. While travelling without your set, GO Sport Paris Outlet will give you the opportunity to buy some kit.

7. Travel in the carriage as you were during the King's time


Enjoy this walk to admire and discover Versailles in all originality!

A historic and royal city, Versailles was once rocked by the tinkling of horseshoes on the cobblestones. This carriage ride in the heart of the city invites you to travel and discover the era of the “Roi Soleil.”

You will share a friendly moment with friends or family and enjoy an epic aboard one of the cars pulled by several horses. Versailles will unfold before your eyes: Its emblematic castle, its historic districts, its Paris outlet. Thus the city will have no secrets for you!

An original experience that will leave an unforgettable memory of Versailles for young and old alike!

8. Bike tours or Segway


Enjoy a guided Segway tour around the Grand Canal. Learn more about the history of Versailles by discovering the beauty of the immense gardens of the Castle.

Bikes are also rented if you prefer a more active discovery of parks and other surroundings.

9. The farm of Gally


Just 15 minutes from the royal city, Gally‘s farm is open from April to November. Let your children discover country life by participating in activities and workshops organized in the vegetable garden and with the animals. In season, the picking of fruits or vegetables is organized there, to live a moment like in the countryside. Just to mention, during your shopping session in One Nation Paris Outlet, you may find several restaurants. Eating local or international food, that is your choice !

10. Explore Giverny and the gardens of Monet


Discover the history of the famous French painter Claude Monet. At the gate of Normandy, just 50 minutes drive from Versailles, the village of Giverny is located on the right bank of the Seine. In 1890, Monet bought “the press house”, where he remained until his death. Discover the village of Giverny and the house and gardens, the main sources of inspiration for the artist.

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