Village outlet Paris : decorate a bedroom with the Mix & Match concept

Mix & Match your bedroom decoration

Decorate a bedroom with the Mix & Match concept


Our Village outlet Paris is bringing to you a unique concept. Mix & Match your bedroom decoration. Gone are the days when we had to match the pillows of the bedroom to its carpet to “be in the loop”! The decor is in the mix and match time. But how can one be sure of succeeding in one’s associations? User manual is right there.

Dare and share

Because the decoration is only a matter of imagination, the mix & match has emerged as the deco technique at the forefront of fashion. Its leitmotiv: mix everything absolutely, unlike the total look! Styles, materials, colors, prints and shapes combine to form a happy melting pot. The ideal to bring a real personality to your bedroom. There are several trends for your bedroom, including furniture that mixes materials. And bedclothes that contrast with the furniture. Inspiration at Madura, expert in alloy materials. A perforated wood and metal cabinet for an assertive industrial style, a screen slightly shading rattan and metal, a coffee table in marble and solid oak for a touch of elegance …

Village Outlet Paris can assure you : more than a trend, the mix and match counts, from now on, among the principles of the decoration. Our village outlet Paris brings ideas to mix colors, shapes, styles, materials and prints. From examples such as the Gispy decoration that marries cultures, we retain the audacity to dare, to match and to mix the elements between them. Suddenly, one mixes, without complex, a bed of the Univers du Sommeil, enhanced with a Scottish printed finery. This is the best way to achieve a unique, personal and lively atmosphere.

And for those who want to adopt a Mix & Match decoration, simply start. Choose a color palette in soft tones and select prints that show all the colors in your palette. Pillows are a good example: they follow similar tones and delicate prints. The mix and match decoration has everything to please with its profusion of colors and prints. But beware of bad mixes. On the program: a mix of patterns, colors, materials … for a bohemian interior irreproachable.

Mix materials

Who says mix & match necessarily means mixing materials. We love the old knitted blanket with a more modern finery, gleaned from Yves Delorme, all awakened by a patterned cushion. The result is simply ultra trendy, warm and full of life.

Then pice of advice of village outlet Paris : if you prefer to play on the small decor, attack the cushions, throws and carpets. For example, dress your bed (or your sofa) in linen of different velvet cushions, a wool plaid and another in (fake) fur. Without forgetting to accessorize it with an iron basket placed on the ground who will host your decorating magazines! Even with pushing the concept further, with a sheet designed with the same pattern, found at Garnier-Thiebaut.

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Village outlet Paris, advice #3 : Mix prints and/or colors


Beware, novices will have to have light hand because the mix of prints can quickly turn out to be a losing bias. A tip: to ensure a trendy setting without taking too much risk, mix prints of the same hue or play on a shades: a plaid with gray dots, a set of bed of Blanc des Vosges, a carpet with black Berber prints and graphic cushions in various blue hues.

Village outlet Paris, advice #4 : do not hesitate !

Because the mix & match breaks codes, we take the opportunity to give free rein to his imagination and we test the most unexpected alliances. In two words: let go!

The most important thing will be to create a kind of visual unity in this universe more colorful than the others. Follow a common thread so you do not get lost in this jungle of colors, materials and styles. For example, using color will be the safest trick: decode a hue (here, beige, powdery pink, marsala and salmon) and then play on materials and prints.

By introducing elements that might seem incongruous between them, we create a rich, colorful and above all embodied atmosphere. It remains to know how to match what you have mixed. And we are here to help you with basic tips. Through these images, enter the few rules that will put you on the path to successful mix and match. But do not forget that rules, especially decorations, are made to be broken, so please.

If you want to continue your Mix & Match with us at village outlet Paris, the secret lies in the mix. We offer below a source of inspiration with pale blue as the base color. The Mix & Match is found on the graphic and floral prints. Thus, it is possible to dare more while maintaining the basic color of your decoration.

Dare, share, mix, match, do not hesitate !


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