Visit Paris’ classic sights and monuments, and shop at outlet prices in a one-day itinerary

Versailles Palace

Combine the pleasant and the useful, visit Paris in a one-day itinerary


One itinerary for a perfect visit & shopping experience in Paris

While thinking of visiting Paris or Versailles, key point is to optimize any touristic experience. Be prepare to visit Paris in order not to miss a glimpse or a good deal. Travel Shoppers would thus choose a one-day itinerary. Firstly, you can start on the early morning with downtown Paris, visiting the Eiffel Tower. One of the most pictured monument in France, maybe in the world. You would get the occasion to imagine the most original selfie… Secondly, why not chose a round trip to One Nation Paris with a stop at the Versailles Palace ? First depart at 9.45, make sure to book your shuttle tickets.  You will enjoy the largest outlet mall near Paris, bringing to Travel Shoppers the best deals of some of the most renewed fashion designer brands.

Visit iconic Versailles Palace, and shop at outlet prices

When thinking of French history and French heritage, Versailles Palace comes to mind. A unique monument in Europe, built in the end of 17th century. First a hunting lodge, then a glamorous castle imagined by Louis XIV. King’s appartements, Queen’s mansion, the Royal Chapelle, the Galerie des Glaces, the Trianon, tremendous gardens. Then enjoy a unique shopping experience. Thanks to the shuttle bus that will drive only 15 minutes from Versailles Palace to a unique shopping village. A one-day itinerary is enjoyable. All services of One Nation Paris are led to optimize both touristic and customer experiences.  French designers’ collections at outlet prices.  At least 30% off, up to 70% off, all year round. After enjoying Palace of Louis XIV the “Roi Soleil”, let the journey continue. With a nice shopping experience at outlet prices.


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Rome wasn’t built in a day, but visit Paris in one-day itinerary


Some plan to visit Paris in one week, some others would visit Europe in one week. So according to the time allowed, Paris and its area could be enjoyed in a one-day itinerary. In addition, dedicated shuttle would allow to add a fine, fashion and luxury shopping experience in One Nation Paris. The largest outlet mall near Paris and near Versailles proposes 90 shops and nearly 400 Top brands at reduced prices. All year round. A glimpse of French finest designers’ brands, restaurants to stop by, animations for children, a free car park or a shuttle. All essential facilities to maximize your shopping experience.

Visit Paris and One Nation Paris, come back for a second experience

So much to see in Paris, and so much to shop around Versailles. Next Travel Shoppers would easily consider to come back. Then, shopping experience is of course maximized with tax refund application (for an amount of purchase of more than 175,01 € made on a single day.) Again, a good reason to combine a visit of Paris best monuments and a great shopping experience in One Nation Paris outlet mall.

Thus this one-day itinerary allows you to catch a glimpse of best Parisian monuments or Versailles Palace, and a nice outlet shopping journey, whereas others would do only one of these two French experiences. In a nutshell both useful and enjoyable experience.


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