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Valentine's day : time for ideas and inspiration !


An inventive present that would last for more than a year

If you want to celebrate Cupid’s favorite holidays, chose an outlet shop in Paris. You can also immerge yourself in all the sweet accessories that this period has to offer. Because for some, “Paying my rent for Valentine’s Day” just does not have the same romance breath as a gift chosen by the hands and heart of the person we love. And vice and versa. Even if some would say it’s a commercial party and they do not need a date to prove their love, it’s still very exciting to receive a present, as minimalist as it is.

Whether your heart is taken or not, be inventive this year! Exit red roses and dark chocolates, give him a little heart-shaped box, earrings to dress his own or a polka-dot swimsuit for your next vacation under the sun! That you could easily find at Armani Outlet. And for those who do not want to depart from the rule and still wish a little crazy and sexy, why not passing by Triumph or even shoes at Stella Luna. With that, no doubt, no risk to miss your effect and this gift will benefit you too! To discover and shop our selection, look at numerous outlet shops in Paris there are in our outlet mall.

A Valentine’s Day gift must, to be successful, be worn all year round. While some will melt for some jewels soft words, like a nice top from Claudie Pierlot, others will not risk it. For the latter, finesse is required. We must focus on fine jewelry, such as a ring in white gold diamonds, or a designer” ready-to-wear fashion outfit from Cotélac. Note that stones will always be more precious than hearts, love symbols and other items often too connoted February 14.

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Combine useful and pleasant

If a buzz is created every year around Valentine’s Day, find the ideal gift supposes a certain skill, not always mastered … In One Nation Paris, outlet shop in Paris, the bags and jewels that will be pulled out during all year round “Retro Spirit” of Bensimon Concept Store.

Lingerie, chocolates, or perfumes are not the only possible presents for a successful Valentine’s Day. The smile, the pleasure or the attention of the person who wants it can very well be done in any other way. Do not be afraid to opt for accessories: jewel, scarf, shoes and bag, will delight more than one. Do not forget the motto: do not overdo it!

For those who prefer the practical, they will love scarves or cheish, essential accessories of the season who will remain their best allies against the cold. Around the neck or wrist, these famous presents will accompany us everywhere. More personal, the Cyrillus scarf, could be adorned for the occasion with the initials of the lover.

Handbags are also an interesting option, from powdery pink to a floral clutch at Galeries Lafayette Outlet. Discreet or more extravagant, each will find the right one.

Total look, outlet shop in Paris ?

Of course, offering a total look, with words of love and company, can quickly turn into ridicule. On the other hand, a t-shirt or a pair of fun basketball shoes like New Balance will always be relevant. In an outlet shop in Paris, the reference to February 14 may also be much lighter, like a little dress Maje, with a lace braid in the shape of a heart. For the most allergic to this party, we can even play the card of humor with a T-shirt signed American Vintage, who gets the message.

Finally, for the great romantics, the flowers will always walk obviously. We seduce fashionists with Zadig & Voltaire outfits. Thus, everyone will appreciate this day in its own way: the biggest skeptics who have almost forgotten the day, to the biggest convinced who celebrate it each year.


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