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4 rules to choose your heels


4 rules to choose the perfect pair of pumps

Why don’t you try the best shopping in Paris experience while choosing heels? Heels are sometimes contraindicated by doctors. To avoid injury, you should follow a few simple rules, and choose this type of shoes with heels, dedicated to shape a curved silhouette and slender legs.

Whoever has never finished a party with naked feet, shoes with heels in hands, raise your finger … First, to avoid this type of disappointments, you should alternate the heights. Wear 8 to 10 cm of heel yes, but not every day. Comfort issue, choose shoes with leather or leather heels, less rigid than varnish for example.

If a pair of heels is hurting you when you try them in the shop, forget it! They will end up staying in your closet. To choose shoes with heels, head to a real manufacturer like What For. A quality heel will prevent any sprains or back pain. Beyond 10 cm of heel without skates, the arch becomes unbearable. If you have cracked it, ask a good shoemaker to remove 1 cm. For more on, best shopping in Paris is an experience, even to find high heels, that should be done with sneakers !…

Taking care of one’s feet also means wearing soles for comfort. Transparent, self-tightening, anti-slip and reusable, they avoid the pain in the soles of the feet … Walk all day while best shopping in Paris, dance all night!


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Rule n°1 : the right height for the right heels

Wearing court shoes can be a real test, worthy of Olympic Games. And yes, it is not always easy to hold a whole day perched on heels of 12 centimeters. To be comfortable in heels, better go step by step. No one will call you a little player if you prefer to start with a 5-centimeter heel. Crescendo, you’ll go to 7 and 10, and so on. Train, have fun with the heels. The shoes must give you confidence and awake the sensual woman inside you. Of course, if you have some back problems, it is strongly discouraged to gain height. Test the different forms of shoes at Hardridge, and choose according to these criteria.

Rule n°2 : the right shape for the right heels

High heels

Be careful, if you plan to walk all day with pumps, it’s better to be a confirmed user of high-heeled shoes. These flagship shoes of the femme fatale, are the symbol of elegance. They give you a sleek look, refine your ankles and curve your calves. It is a must in the female wardrobe, but is not without risk. These shoes with heels can quickly graze the vulgarity if they are not associated with the appropriate clothing, and are not the most comfortable. Be careful not to put your feet anywhere: the shoes go down into the lawns, get stuck in the ventilation grids of the metro … In short term, they are not the most practical heels but remain a pledge of femininity for an ultra-glamorous femme fatale look. Plan a pair of ballerinas in your purse to relieve your feet during the day, outlet Paris day.

Square heels

They are comfortable, stable and therefore easy to wear. Perfect for those starting with heels. This one is particularly appreciated for its stability, its comfort but especially for its elegance. Its few centimeters (often between 4 and 5) will give an elongated pace to your beautiful legs and are ideal if you have strong ankles. Bimba y Lola will guide you in this choice of passable heels …

Wedge heels

Thanks to them, we can reach tops without having the foot “broken”. Take care, however, that the ankle is held under penalty of sprain. Avoid compensated boots that weigh down the silhouette, choose boots instead. The compensated being shoes with heels rather massive, they will tend to refine legs and calf.

Jewelry heels

Strassed, embroidered, painted … they sparkle your approach. Perfect for bringing style and pep to a slightly more sober outfit. Do not be afraid to buy flashy shoes. They will be perfect to brighten up a sober evening outfit like a little black dress.

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Rule n°3 : the right material for right heels

Quality is a paramount criterion for maximum comfort in pumps. Drop the plastic heels and the glittery lacquer. The soft leather and the nubuck are perfect models to bring you comfort and especially a lot of class.

And to avoid stock market investments in a dressing business, pay special attention to the buttress of your shoes and shop outlet Paris. While feeling best shopping in Paris, choose it flexible, which will avoid you any painful blisters. With a good pair of pumps at your feet, you can dance until the end of the night and become a real “Dancing Queen”.

Rule n°4 : the right heels for the right outfit

You will find all outfits in One Nation Paris Outlet, aka best shopping in Paris. Pumps are often synonymous with elegance and femininity. In order to be chic in pumps, we avoid associating them with a mini-skirt or shorts. For a casual and stylish look, the square-heeled pumps have their effect when paired with boyfriend-style jeans rolled up at the bottom or a skirt. If you prefer to play the card of grace and sensuality, take out your finest stiletto heels with a very distinguished little black dress. A clear choice for a perfect evening look.

If you opt for jeans, you can afford all kinds of heels, which will have the effect of refining your silhouette. On the other hand, in miniskirt or in shorts, one avoids vertiginous heels except if you are young and ultra-fashion. Otherwise, it’s opaque tights mandatory! If you are rather a “twig”, forget the shoes with a skirt compensated to avoid the “cue tips” effect. Prefer shoes with finer and lighter heels. For a dress worn during the day, we will choose shoes with square heels that will emphasize the look of the evening.

Best shopping in Paris : best combo for pumps

With these little tricks, impossible for you to do a fashion faux-pas. And as the iconic Marilyn Monroe said: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” It’s up to you to come in and find the pair of heels for you in our selection in One Nation Paris Outlet. Try, like and leave best shopping in Paris.


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