Paris shopping mall : 10 tips to enjoy sales

Sales at One Nation Paris shopping mall : get ready ! Our tips to maximize your shopping

Efficient Sale at One Nation Paris shopping mall

Let’s be honest, the sales period is both exciting and jarring! You are looking forward to finding your favorite pieces noticed a few weeks earlier at a reduced price. You imagine the beautiful discoveries and the good deals. Your motivation is at its height to find your outfits! Those which will forge your style. But how to take advantage of sales is not such a simple matter. Exercise should not become an opportunity to over consume and fill your wardrobe with randomly selected clothes of all kinds. That you will not wear and that will only clutter your body and mind. Your style deserves your attention, even during sales. Thanks to One Nation Paris shopping mall, follow our 10 tips to make all your purchases and continue to create a wardrobe to your image, practical and that will last. Without unnecessary expenses.

#1 Make your lists

  A list to make your sales successful

You already know that a shopping list is a good companion throughout the year. Once your dressing is sorted, your type of silhouette identified and your wardrobe basics assessed, you will have your precious list of priorities. That is your next purchases. Those who correspond to you 100%, who will not disappoint you and that you will enjoy wearing everyday. This list may vary according to the periods. Sometimes it will be limited, sometimes it will be more fleshed out. Always according to your personal style and the clothes that you want to integrate into your dressing room. Put it in a small pocket notebook so you can easily slip it into your bag and view it easily wherever you are. But you can also use your smartphone. Then get to One Nation Paris shopping mall and enjoy an unique place to fill your whole list.

Do not start sales without this list. It will guide you to mindful, reasoned and sustainable shopping. Nothing worse than planning a day of blind shopping, without having prepared well. The steps mentioned above to create it are in my opinion necessary to buy knowingly. Without this list, you’ll come home with packed bags, a cluttered closet and a pile of clothes you will never wear. Most often poor quality. Because yes, it’s tempting to buy 5 tops & 5 pants at low prices. And come home with loaded arms with bags. The excitement at its height. We are all already in the trap, are not we? Because how long does the feeling of satisfaction last? You do know the answer…

2 to 5 beautiful timeless maximum pieces that will forge your personal style and make you happy for many years. Make a stop at Maje, Guess or Cyrillus. Quality pieces are also those in which you will feel the best. Some brands play on their name to inflate their prices without following quality standards. But never in an Outlet Paris shopping mall! Others really justify their prices thanks to beautiful pieces at all levels. American Vintage, Liu Jo or Agnes b. will give you choices. In short, set priorities and function in order. It’s as simple as that.

Above all it’s not always just because you tend to let go of the frenzy of marketing strategies stores (clothing on the front of the store, colorful signs announcing discounts ‘exceptional’, sellers who find you completely canon in all the rooms you try, as if by chance …). Do not be fooled, listen only to yourself, your instinct and follow your list.

#2 Set a maximum budget


I was just talking above not exploding his budget with a leather jacket whose purchase was not planned. This is the second point: you have to plan what you plan to spend.

Obviously, it is necessary that the budget allocated to the balances is in adequacy with your list of purchases. If you have 200 € budget there is no point in predicting the purchase of sneakers, a shirt and a trench! If you bring these three pieces in with this small budget (good luck) you will undoubtedly come back with poor quality clothes. Better to take only 2 or 3 pieces of good quality than check the eight items on your list but with poor quality and a ridiculous cut that you will regret soon.

The other reason for choosing quality pieces is that during sales, you can enjoy clothes that are usually too expensive for you. It is not uncommon to find a leather jacket several hundred euros at -50%. It is also true that choosing our Paris shopping mall proposes best prices, outlet prices, all year round…

#3 Check online or even enjoy the power of e-shops

Once sales have begun, go back to your list and go in search of these previously identified coins. Your pleasure will only be greater if you find them. If they can not be found, do not panic. There are solutions. You can do the sales on the internet and do a search on the e-shop of the brand. You would be surprised to see that they are sometimes more supplied than the shops. And most importantly, you have already tried the room, so you can go with your eyes closed.

In case, check the return conditions. Many e-shop now offer free returns, good credit or even refunds. It also works the other way, sometimes you will not find anything on the e-shop but the room of your dreams will always be in shop. One last trick: always ask at the cash desk if the outfit is available at another store in the city. In short, patience is the mother of all virtues. I confess that I still have to repeat this positive thought often because I tend to crack easily. But this little effort will greatly help you balance your expenses. Check all availability on our web site before visiting your Paris shopping mall.

Paris shopping mall : efficient sales to be prepared

 #4 Joy quest


This 4th advice is radical. We often talk about the joy that gives you a garment. You can feel it fully if you are well prepared. In the fitting room, it’s the same principle. In front of your mirror, take the time to feel the effect of the garment you are trying on. It’s rather innate. There are parts that you reject directly and others that make you happy just as quickly. Your body speaks to you and tells you that this garment is for you. That’s the ideal scenario. In fact, it does not always happen that way. You hesitate, you do not know what to do, you take it and you regret. You leave it and you come back.Follow this rule: when there is a doubt, there is no doubt. Give up and move on, you will find better. I have often experienced this situation. I have always been much happier not to rush but to the contrary. You can even get inspired by masculine automatisms for your shopping in Paris shopping mall! Yes, maybe one day there will be tears, but it’s not really bad in the end, is it? And again, this will allow you to keep an airy wardrobe.

#5 Opt for the right proportion of basics


Paris shopping mall assures it : basics are timeless pieces that blend with everything and form the foundation of your wardrobe. I suggest you read the article on the 7 basics of ideal wardrobe to learn more. These pieces must constitute 60 to 70% of your wardrobe. The rest is dedicated to strong plays.It is important to find your basics during sales. These are high quality clothes, in a budget a priori higher. So you can more easily buy them on sale, not to explode your shopping budget. And what a pleasure to find them at reasonable prices.

#6 Always choose the right size


It seems obvious, and yet … Remember. The piece of your dreams is no longer available in your size. A huge disappointment is invading you. You moan. A broken price will potentially give you the desire to buy a coin for which you crack in a size that is not yours. This is to compensate for your frustration. You say you will lose 2-3 pounds or you will gain. Especially do not make this mistake. Say no to the over-molding and the oversize oversize. The garment should go perfectly when you buy it. Otherwise it will stay in your closet most of the time. It’s mathematical. No worries in One Nation Paris shopping mall : all stores will exchange outfits within sale period.

#7 Get dressed for the occasion at Paris shopping mall


For a shopping day during which you will undress a lot, get dressed and walk a lot, opt for a simple, practical, comfortable and efficient outfit. A top, a mesh, jeans, sneakers or boots with small heels, a jacket, a hat (for rain replacing an umbrella), a lightweight bag. That’s all to enjoy the sales! Avoid too many diapers, complicated belts, big bags full to boot, shoes with high heels in which you will have foot pain. You will feel light and well in your sneakers. You will avoid discomfort and heat in the stores.

#8 Enjoy a nice lunch break at One Nation Paris shopping mall

Take the time to take a break to eat and hydrate yourself. Your afternoon will only be better if you do the sales for a full day. An Italian break at La Trattoria, a French break at Monumental Café, a coffee break at Starbucks, or a salad at Maison Foude. Be it a brewery, a snack, a restaurant, indulge yourself and fill up with energy.

Prepare perfect sales with One Nation Paris shopping mall

#9 Plan a 2 days agenda


If you can afford it, the most pleasant thing for me is to plan two days on site and book a hotel room. Whether with your partner or a friend, nothing better than to stroll the first day, to spot, to enjoy your evening in town (aperitif, restaurant, disco) and start again the next day. This is the 2nd day that you will buy most because you will have taken the time applying the previous tips. You can come back to the store that appealed you the day before. You will also have an extra day to find favorites! And best of all, enjoy the hotel’s breakfast to get the day off to a good start. Really, magic assured! You will have a nice memory. If you do so, you could also enjoy Versailles Palace visit, thanks to the dedicate shuttle that will get you to Paris shopping mall and back.

#10 Additional idea: take advantage of it to plan your future gifts


Sales to prepare future gifts (birthdays, parties, etc.), not a bad idea, right? Ok it’s a bit stingy. But frankly gifts, it’s always expensive, and we’re always caught off guard when it’s time to buy some. So if we can buy them at a reduced price, even more when there are sales on outlet prices!


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