Best Outlet in Paris: a perfect mix between shopping and tourism

Thanks to One Nation Paris, best outlet in Paris, and your dedicated shuttle, enjoy the perfect combination between tourism and shopping !

Best outlet in Paris, perfect combination between tourism and shopping

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France, and Paris in particular, are associated with well-known brands that are more accessible on the spot and worldwide known. In recent years, tourism has become one of France’s major attractions. In Paris in particular tourism and shopping are even closely mixed, sometimes indifferently called “shopping tourism”. When fashion and glamour are worldwide known as in Paris – think of Fashion Week – it became a real purpose of travel.

Today, we do not only visit a city for its monuments, history and museums but also for its shops. Tourist shopping is emerging exponentially and is becoming one of the
fundamental factors of Paris’ dynamism. Paris is no longer only the world’s leading touristic destination. It is also the European shopping capital for tourists. Tourists are often represented by nationalities such as Japanese, Americans or Brazilians. They spend more than a quarter of their holiday budget exclusively on clothes, handbags, shoes, make-up, etc. Tourists often quote shopping as the main reason for their trip to Paris. A good reason to look for and to reach the best outlet mall in Paris.

Visit Paris and shop, thanks to your dedicated shuttle

But being in Paris without visiting the capital is not a complete stay. The wonders of Paris are to be discovered at every street corner. Indeed, the most remarkable monuments, as well as the squares and fountains, are essential in Paris. Paris would not be Paris without its illustrious monuments! The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame and the Sacré Cœur are its most famous emblems. Thus, our shuttle service offers you a unique short cut, to reach the best outlet in Paris after visiting the City of Lights. The shuttle could also allow you to visit the Palace of Versailles and then One Nation Paris, for a special shopping session.

Come aboard our shuttle to reach the best Parisian outlet, 25 minutes away from the centre of Paris. You can visit the city between history and legend, myth and beauty, a city that preserves the infinite charm and all its wonders.

With the shuttle to One Nation Paris Outlet, you will have the unique experience of a shopping tour near Paris. In the heart of an ecofriendly-style village, you will find the destocking shops of the biggest French and international luxury brands, with very interesting discounts. From -30% minimum, up to -70% on special periods.

Best outlet in Paris

Take a gourmet break during your shopping


From breakfast to snacks, toward lunch, you will find something to satisfy all your desires.

One Nation Paris is the ideal place to do your shopping while enjoying and enjoying yourself. Our cafés and restaurants offer you countless taste discoveries whether for a breakfast with friends, a romantic meal or a family snack. Therefore to take a break during your shopping day, indulge yourself with a gourmet moment in one of our many restaurants and cafés. Enjoy a coffee, hot or cold drink at Starbucks. Come and taste freshly prepared dishes and gourmet salads at Maison Foude.

A wide range of brands

One Nation Paris Outlet offers you more than 400 brands at Outlet prices, from -30% to -70% all year round.

It is the first outlet to offer a global tax exemption on all stores. One Nation Paris Outlet counts the big names in fashion, accessories and home furnishings among its 90 boutiques, such as Armani, Eden Park, Sandro, Maje, Zadig & Voltaire, and IKKS. With its 100% fashionable spirit, its exceptional setting and its « French Touch », One Nation Paris is THE chic version of the Outlet.

One Nation Paris welcomes you all seasons to shop in the best outlet in Paris.

Best outlet in Paris, best trends and best prices

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