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Fashion Outlet Paris: find the best outfit to bear the heat

Find summer outfits in One Nation, Fashion outlet Paris

What better place than Fashion Outlet Paris when it’s too hot? There, you can enjoy a walkaway under  the open sky mall, and enjoy air-conditioning in stores, while you go shopping in your favorite luxury brands. Ready to face high temperatures in the most comfortable way?

Now that you are walking in Fashion Outlet Paris, you feel relief: the air is cool here! Only two questions remain:

What kind of clothes should I buy to bear the heat as well as possible?

Can I still stay stylish during my Parisian trip even if it’s 35 degrees?

Perfect summer style thanks to Fashion Outlet Paris

Once upon a time, 40 degrees in Paris…

Summer is usually a good option to visit Paris. When all the Parisian leave, you can feel free to fully enjoy the city and maybe adopt the French Art de Vivre you’ve always dreamed of.

Unfortunately, the reality is catching up with you. Why? Because of this unusual heat! Indeed, you’ve noticed that your body keeps fighting all day long to have a stable temperature. For the first time, you are surprised to see that you spend your entire days sweating. Glamorous, isn’t it? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Fashion Outlet Paris, you can find the best clothes to remain comfortable during your stay. If you want to make the right choices, considering your essential needs and your fashion desires, just take a look at this piece.

Claudie Pierlot and Maje: dress me well when it’s hot

Claudie Pierlot and Maje have a knack for offering the cutest mini dresses. The brands rely on beautiful and delicate materials to create outfits that are perfectly appropriate to warm temperatures. You can complement your outfit with a tiny wicker bag and beautiful sandals. Now, you are ready to bear heat in the most adorable way!

Desigual: Let me breathe in oversize clothes

Heat gets you on your nerves? Express yourself with bold prints and oversized trousers from Desigual. Furthermore, the lightness of the models will make you feel completely free. You will find trends and ideas in Desigual outlet stores, well located in One Nation, Fashion Outlet Paris.

Colors and light materials at Fashion Outlet Paris

A long but safety day in town thanks to Caroll

The best for light materials and lovely summer prints is Caroll . The ideal outfit? A maxi flowing and printed dress with a boater. It’s perfect to protect yourself from the midday sun. You will be able to have lunch on a terrace and walk in the charming streets of Paris without fearing the weather.

Courrèges: we think less is always best

Courrèges is well known for its minimalism and androgynous style. Jumpsuits, cropped trousers, stop seeking elsewhere, it offers solid value. Icing on the cake, you will adore their psychedelic sunglasses!

I’ll have a perfect summer night with Liu Jo

Thanks to fashion outlet Paris, a night in Paris wearing a silk blouse and shiny pumps? Of course, it’s Liu Jo! When the temperature does not exceed 30°C, you can dare going out for dinner with silk and noble materials. And who knows? You may even feel like dancing… It is the magic of mixing Paris with an Italian brand.

Take me to the beach in Vicomte A.

What if this weather was an excellent excuse to visit Normandy a few days? Welcome to Deauville where everybody bets on a polo shirt and a swimwear from Vicomte A. Tip: it’s time to test pink or the Marinière, gents!

Many brands dedicated to men at Fashion outlet Paris

Gant: I imagine a cold landscape…

Gant smells good Sweden and quality. It offers sportswear clothing that leaves the body breathe. But if you prefer to stay cosy, you can choose a colorful and light Bermuda and mix it with a polo shirt. This is the perfect match!

Have a nice summer, and welcome to Fashion Outlet Paris!