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X-Bionic Outlet

Since 2002, X-Bionic has been developing the most innovative clothing for making the best functional sports gear in the world. X Bionic outlet redefines the world of functional Clothing by having a highly scientific approach. X Bionic ask itself questions such as: How can textiles help athletes use their energy resources more efficiently than ever?

Come and visit the X-Bionic Outlet at One Nation Paris Outlet you will find surprising products such as the revolutionary functional sock or even the revolutionary and innovative jacket.

The X-Bionic products use dynamic stabilizers, flow optimized surfaces and maximum cooling power. Perfectly positioned converter ports guide airflow for cooling under the surface and are used by patented solutions to cool the body.

All X-Bionic products are manufactured in Italy in a state of the art manufacturing facility. The machines used are unique, the fibers are quality and the packaging of each product is a real technical support for the consumer.

Come and visit X-Bionic Outlet at One nation Paris, the closest outlet center from downtown Paris.

A little bit of history …

Since 2002, X-Bionic® has been the pioneering brand of intelligent technical clothing. Developed in Switzerland at the world’s largest research and development center under the name of X-Technology Swiss Research & development AG, the brand holds more than 300 exclusive textile technology patents that have been acknowledged by 90 international awards.

X-Bionic is inspired by bionics to offer textile technologies that regulate the body temperature to optimize your sport performance. Indeed, it is scientifically recognized that during physical effort the body perspires and wicks away moisture. In order for the body temperature to keep the constant value of 37 ° C, extra energy is spent.

X-Bionic offers a system of three thermal, complementary and multi-sport layers to ensure absolute comfort and maintain an optimal temperature of 37 ° C and thus save you energy and therefore performance.

X- Bionic is the promise of a unique sport experience guaranteed during 2 years.

X Bionic Outlet offers to One Nation Paris its collections marked down all year round from -30% to -70%.

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