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Paris mall, the place to be to follow Summer Trends

Follow all summer trends at Paris Mall, One Nation Outlet Paris

We know in our Paris mall, with each new season, it’s the excitement in our wardrobe. We’re putting away the winter parts that were seriously starting to annoy us and we’re rushing to the new summer collections. We forget the sweaters, the scarves and the big coats and we give way to the light dresses and the small jackets of mid-season.

To fully address the trends of the season, we dive right into the news. Our style is released according to the pieces of spring summer 2019, in which we find original prints and pretty colors. We fall out for long dresses, midi skirts and shorts, all complemented by leather jackets and very fluid trench coats.

The detail that does everything? Accessories that you will not forget, such as belts, trendy shoes or XXL jewelry, perfect for styling our spring outfits.

Even if the current weather keeps us in autumn a little too long, our mind is already ready for the summer, the heat and the holidays. Maybe even more! Paris mall is ready to welcome all fashion addicts.

The fashion trends of summer 2019 in your Paris Mall

Trends are defined by specific points. You can crack for some very sharp pieces, attach to a material or a pattern. For the spring summer 2019, prints are very present. As every year, we find stripes, tiles and flowers. The little novelty? Snake skin, which comes to replace the leopard over present in 2018 (and still a little bit in the place). So we opt for animal prints, that you could find at Karl Marc John outlet.

On the material side, corduroy, leather, jeans and silk are the main fabrics. Finally, for the colors, pink will be the main hue of the season. It is adopted on dresses, jackets, tops, skirts and even accessories. The Kooples outlet or Etro will help you out here with your outfit optimization.

Looking for fashion inspiration in anticipation of spring summer 2019? Discover our selection of the most popular trends of the season! After several seasons under the sign of street wear, the culture of Parisian workshops is back on the podiums.

Hardcore Couture … It is under this name that the French designer Marine Serre, laureate of the 2017 LVMH Reward, presented last September, her second official collection. A radical interpretation of the codes of haute couture, where the ruffled sheath dress is cut in a diving suit, the drape carved in a blanket, and souvenir keychains embroidered like sequins on a long black coat. This collection alone embodies the tone of the season, where we saw back on the catwalk a fashion that gives pride to scholarly constructions, noble materials and experimentation. A few interpretations that you can find in several shops of your One Nation Paris Mall.

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8 trends for 2019 Summer

In fashion, a new season means a lot of new trends to discover and experiment. To cut it short, it’s the excitement in the “fashionsphere”! And to sort through all the shows, we have listed 8 trends that will undoubtedly dominate the shelves and will take over the street in spring / summer 2019.

Paris mall trend n°1 : Assemblies

We have already mentioned some of the clothes for women to have in her closet this summer as the bra, the pants suit (which comes in short version) or the combination. But there are others. In mid-season jackets, opt for the summer parka or the windbreaker. For others, more classic, there will be the XXL blazer that had already tried a breakthrough last year. If the ruffled dress is THE spring summer 2019 dress, the gypsy-style dress has nothing to envy. It will be everywhere and so easy to wear. Side pants or jeans summer 2019 at Levi’s outlet, we play with the cuts. You opt for high-waisted trousers, 7/8 jeans worked or XXL fluid pants that can be confused with a long skirt.

The prairie dress

If you only had one dress for this spring / summer 2019, it would definitely be the meadow dress! It is preferably chosen with long sleeves, a high collar or closed enough and Victorian influences. Why do we like this trend? Because she is super feminine, a little romantic and at the same time quite modest. Check out the latest pieces at Maje outlet or Guess outlet.

Tie & Dye

It seems that degraded dye is making a big comeback this summer! Fortunately for us, the print has been totally stripped of its totally psychedelic hippie image to make room for a much more contemporary metamorphosis. So we find the dye not only on t-shirts, but also on jeans and women’s silhouettes in general! The question that arises now is if this artisanal method would not have something to see the desire to move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion industry.

Practice and usefulness

In our hectic and modern society, we are more and more multitasking and our clothes must also follow our fast pace of life. So multifunctional clothes have the coast on the catwalk and soon in our wardrobe. There is an accumulation of pockets of different sizes sewn everywhere, practical zipper closures, tool belts tote, cargo pants, safari-inspired jackets and many, many khaki! For once fashion becomes practical, we will not deprive ourselves of this trend! Mixed outfits you could either find in one and only shop, or a mix and match concept among several shops. Courrèges, with its unique French style, is the shop to advice to mix useful and beautiful.

Paris Mall, solution for a smart outlet shopping

Sporty style

The “athleisure” trend continues to be strong this season. And we see it in everyday life. Today, nobody will look at you in a funny way if you decide to take a walk in the street in legging and crop top. But the big news in sportswear is the influence of outdoor sports such as surfing, cycling, swimming with must have the shorts of cyclist of course! Fashion stores or sport stores in One Nation Paris Mall, choice is yours.


Beige was very long considered a dull color, with no character, or even a non-color. Previously, if we wore beige, we could only be a bland person and without any small grain of madness. But today, everyone takes the beige as a standard of sophistication. From oats to off-white, beige is loved by all designers this season. The must of elegance this spring? A total beige look from head to toe!

Fluo colors

Unsurprisingly, the growing popularity of fluo colors goes hand in hand with the comeback of the 80s (as well as bling-bling and broad shoulders). On People side, Kardashian-Jenner sisters are regularly seen in fluo, but of course, these bright colors are also found on the catwalks and already on instagram! Our advice if you are not convinced by these garish colors? A touch of fluo (socks, under-sweater, accessories) and opt for sobriety regarding the rest of your outfit!

Animal print

Animal prints, mainly leopard and snake, were a hit last season and will continue to delight our wardrobe this spring-summer. The must with this trend? Everyone has completely forgotten the label “vulgar” associated with these prints to make room for an irrepressible desire to wear. Who would have thought that this trend would one day be socially accepted?

One Nation Paris mall gives you the opportunity to embrace every 2019 summer trends without running towards too many different places. One place, many outlet stores in Paris, best prices, only one place to visit and to enjoy. Even convenient from Versailles Palace to Paris mall with the dedicated shuttle.