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On 1 April 1981, Annie Buisson gave birth to Clio Blue, with the desire to create unique and timeless silver collections, perfect jewellery for all occasions, day or night. And as this is April 1st, it’s obvious that fish becomes the emblem of the brand. As a result, it is present in every collection, in different sizes and shapes. A symbol of luck and wisdom, it is, even today, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Clio Blue is becoming a reference and conveys the values of elegance and authenticity in France and abroad.

In 2011, Clio Blue watchmaking takes off and Lui de Clio is born.

Clio Blue jewellery is mainly made in France and Italy, and is sold with a certificate of quality and a guarantee.

Practical information

  Clio Blue

Your Clio Blue store offers you a minimum discount of -30% all year round on the recommended retail price, and up to -70% depending on the period (see conditions in the store).

Find Clio Blue on the first floor, Patio Cour de Marbre.

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