My outlet mall near Paris: forecast 2019 winter trends

Winter outfits are made of several constants: warm, convenient, soft but always glamorous as well. Thanks to your outlet mall near Paris, you could get inspired by timeless winter trends, as well as fashion from biggest brands around Paris. Take your chance to be both state of the art style and ageless look next winter.

Outlet Mall near Paris, anticipate Winter trends at One Nation Paris

How to get set for winter trends in your outlet mall near Paris ?

  Paris Fashion week and latest trends

The first fashion week of the year had closed its doors a few months ago already in Paris. The greatest fashion designers of the century have hit hard this time again with the new 2019-2020 fall/winter collections. Difficult to find your way through all these different names, colours and styles. Thankfully, we are here to help you to understand trends better and to find the best outlet in France for your big and small purchases. Outlet shopping could help you on best deals, as far as outlet stores come together as an inspiration mine.

Lots of trends have appeared during luxury brands processions that went on for over four weeks, but only a few have caught the eye of the medias. 

This winter collections are particularly eclectic and will please all the different strokes. For this winter or the following, follow the guide through ideas and trends, from french store to luxury products. Here is a summary of all trends that will invade the best French outlets shelves this fall or next one.


Chanel, McCartney and Givenchy in pole position

Impossible in this article not to speak about timeless Chanel and its very regretted Karl Lagerfeld. This year, the internationally known designer’s house has gone sober: outfits composed of black and white, pants with large folds, flouncing organza blouses and Nordic jumpers perfectly embroidered and sized. Simple and efficient. Outlet mall near Paris will proposes brands that would do the same.

Designer Stella McCartney stands out from her fellows with an ecologic style: activist for the protection of tropical forests of Indonesia, she used recycled and sustainable viscose fabrics, sustainable embroidery and natural rubber for a colored, almost floral look.

Givenchy is reinventing posh trend with an alliance between chic sensitivity and urban world. The seams are smooth, jewels sprinkle the wrong sides and folds are announcing the trend. Another one clearly takes shape with tiny purses, extra-large shoulders and ankles hems. The colors are pretty sober and ordinary.

Discover fashion week winter trends at One Nation, outlet mall near Paris

Outlet mall near Paris : one place, best prices


Shopping in Paris would never have been that easy thanks to One Nation Paris Outlet. Almost 400 famous brands, for women, men and children, in 90 stores under the open sky. Wandering there like in a village, from shops to restaurant, an unique chance to fill up your wardrobe. From Zadig & Voltaire to American Vintage, from Armani to Sandro, walk from one trend to another. There and nowhere else, good deal is at every corner.

Trends, Trends, Trends

Several big names in the “Haute Couture” industry have obviously passed the word around to become original. No more collections that would all look the same. And a wish to a fresh start and new inspiration. Large shoulders are a must this year. 2019 basic illustrated by no less than six fashion designers: Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivienne Westwood, Kristina Fidelskava, Celine and Balenciaga.

Former styles are coming back contemporary such as leopard pattern or thigh boots. The classical posh style isn’t short-changed but is eclipsed by the flashy colours of neon and shiny style. Finally, the super heroin Wonderwoman is in the spotlight followed by the houndstooth style and the not so traditional S&M style. 

Lots of big brands have done a great work on these new collections: Desigual, Karl Marc John, and Guess to only name those. They are all on the list of the best creators and happen to be registered in your outlet mall near Paris. Best brands at best prices, that’s a opportunity not to be missed, right?

Last fashion week trends to be found at One Nation, outlet mall near Paris

Celine’s winter ?


The ready-to-wear has a bright future if we believe all trends unveiled during the fashion week. If you want to pick the best designer house, the best creator of the year, Celine seems to be the choice to make. By its presence in almost all trends revealed in this beginning of the year, this brand seems to lead the way. 

Tourism and shopping in Paris


At the end, to anticipate Christmas presents or to get a glimpse of Parisian style, to visit Paris and to bring timeless souvenirs back home, One Nation Paris is the clue. Outlet mall near Paris will cut your agenda short and simplify your shopping list. Get set to enjoy a true French trip, and a big step in Fashion and Lifestyle “à la française.”


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