About the centre

High end and inexpensive: a winning cocktail
One Nation Paris is the largest “outlet” shopping centre in France, dedicated to luxury and fashion brands.

A French Premium Outlet
In matters of fashion, we often speak of the French touch to describe the state of mind that inspires creators and those who wear their clothes.
The French touch is a dose of impertinence and audacity that was built on an ancient breeding ground of good taste and the love of beautiful things.
One Nation Paris was created by the desire to celebrate the French touch.
The One Nation brand, as well as the spirit of this place, convey this chic, sassy and slightly quirky atmosphere, which symbolizes the French spirit so well.

About Catinvest

One Nation Paris is the property of Catinvest. With more than 1100 leases under their management, Catinvest has built a high quality heritage that now offers it the ability to accelerate its development. Catinvest is a family based company that combines long term vision, financial strength and agility in decision-making.